It’s about people.  It always has been.  …The truth is people struggle. 

 Only a year earlier, Aurora felt that she had run out of life to give and had tried to end it all.  But she was miraculously given another chance.

 One night, after hours of journaling out what would become several chapters of her book, Aurora caught the vision for a long-distance run for awareness that would help bring those who wrestle with emotional disorders (depression, food addiction, control, etc.) out of their personal denial.  It would be the sort of project that highlights the real journeys of real individuals…and the chance for resurrection. 

 Imagine making the nearly 300 mile trek down I-45 from Dallas to the Texas coast on foot.  From October 17th to November 14th 2009, that is exactly what Aurora and many others will be doing to raise awareness for those struggling with emotional disorders.  Approximately 10 miles a day for 29 days; it’s a month on a mission.  And while there are numerous charitable runs in existence today, this one is different.  Everyone is invited, but there are no sign-ups.  Instead, a participant can acquire a shirt on which they intentionally label their personal struggle, casting it in the light.  That’s the entrance fee: the freedom found in self-disclosure.  Aurora is already getting ready. 

 Each week, she meets with Craig Keaton, a holistic health coach and movement specialist based in Dallas, and Mike Hummel, running coach and world-class runner preparing for the 2012 London Olympic Games.  Together they refine Aurora’s movement efficiency and help her train in such a way as to avoid injury and optimize her performance.  She can be found running seven days a week, and daily has the purpose of the run in mind.  Even now in her training, Aurora dedicates every day she runs to someone she knows is hurting, and through her personal pursuit of strength, others are finding theirs. 

 In conjunction with the run, Aurora’s personal telling of her story, Running Out, will be released to the world.  Endearingly forthright and intimate, the book not only looks at her fight to overcome personal hardships, but also offers hope to those who struggle with emotional disorders and unhealthy addictions. 

 In putting together such a multimedia blitz, those involved have several goals toward the end of raising national awareness.  One is the acquisition of at least $100,000 in corporate sponsorships to bring the project to full fruition.  In addition, endorsements from celebrities such as Owen Wilson, Lisa Ling, Matt Lauer, Bob Harper, and local Dallas recording artists like Shane Barnard and Jeff Johnson are being sought to put known faces on the cause. 

 Through partnering with Aurora and the cause of so many who struggle with emotional disorders, you can be a voice crying out in a desert of denial and help bring hope to those who feel that they have none.       


5 responses to “Purpose

  1. Anna

    I love this statement: That’s the entrance fee: the freedom found in self-disclosure.


  2. Anne

    That’s really amazing! I am so proud of you & eager to learn more! Run, Aurora, run! 🙂

  3. Aurora, this is amazing!!! Thankful to know you….

  4. thanks christine!!!! You are amazing too!!!

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