PRE-ORDER your shirt NOW!!!!!

Its offical. You can now pre-order your shirts. Click on the “STORE” link above to buy your shirt. If you have questions about the ordering process, please contact I am just the messanger!!!!

If you plan on running with me more than once, feel free to buy more than one shirt. Can’t wait for this thing to happen.

Also, note that on the last day of the run, we will be throwing our shirts into a fire to symbolize our decision to step out of denial and into Grace. By tossing the shirt into the pit you are saying, “I recocognize (insert struggle) often controls my life and I am ready to face my problem so I can live a life of  freedom”.

You don’t have to toss all your shirts in the pit. You don’t have to toss any of them if you don’t want to. Its optional…just lettin’ you know!


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Good Running days

Decided to go for an evening run…WOW…there are days when I can’t run a mile without stopping and there are days when I can go a solid hour and 1/2 without a break. AMAZING RUN last night. Cool night air, small breeze, energy like a lighting storm and strong muscles. I didn’t want to stop running. Sadly It had to come to an end for two reasons. First, it was getting dark and girls should not run alone in the dark and secondly, a dangerous thunderstorm was approaching Dallas.

Here is to a great run!


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Hilarious Rain

Like most mornings, I set out to run. It was about 5:30am when I set my foot on the grass to start running. Four minutes had past when I started to feel rain drops on my skin. I thought to myself, “I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN”. Then as soon as that thought had passed, out of no where, the sky opened up and water began to pour from the sky.

It was almost comical the amount of water falling on my head. Even if I wanted to continue my run, I knew I could not. I could not continue because the water was so thick and heavy I could not see in front of me. The thunder was so loud it drowned out the sound of my ipod.

As I stood in the middle of the field contemplating what had just happened in the past 30 seconds, I started to laugh at myself. It was truly a site to see….there I was, standing alone in the field, completely drenched from head to toe. The water was pouring like an open fire hydrant and sky was as dark as movie theatre.

I laughed at myself for a few moments before making my way back to my car. Because the wall of rain was so thick, finding my car was no easy task. Once I made it back, safe and sound, I drove back home (6:10am), slipped back in my PJs, grabbed my fat cat and nestled back into bed.

The sound of rain slamming against my bedroom window was wonderful to hear as I knew that my afternoon run would be cool, breezy and wonderful.

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Running 6-7 miles a day

My running coach once told me that conditioned runners run 10 miles a day. I thought, “Well if conditioned runners run 10miles a day I can run across Texas”. Now I am doing 6-7 a day, and its hard. I think its the mileage that keeps me fearful. When I run based on time, I tend to see the end. Now its all mental. When I run 6 miles a day, my body feels great the next day. No problems. Its just getting past what my brain is telling me to do. Stop running.

I have started listening to book on tape when I run. Its kinda exciting…however, occasionally I find myself walking cause the suspense made me stop. I don’t even realize it when it stop…its kinda funny.

Today was a rainy day in Dallas. So that means my new white running shoes will promptly be grey and brown…

Now I am off to run as I dive back into my new book “The Lord Thief”. Anyone out there have any suggestions for some good books to listen to while I read, I am all ears.

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I can’t do two things at once. Today I received a text from someone asking me to update the blog. I realized I have been so focused on training and writing my book, I have forgotten to write in the blog. My apologies everyone.

This morning I woke up to discover a slight amount of discomfort on the side of my foot. Not sure what thats about, but it better not be something stupid! I don’t think I can handle having to deal with a dumb injury right now. Talked to my running coach about it and he thinks its nothing. I like his attitude, cause I think its nothing too.

Lately I have been planning a volunteer reception for all the peps helping make this thing possible. I really hope we can regain momentum and really boost the spirit of the run. Can’t believe its almost here….

Mark, a volunteer, is getting together our sponsorship list. Talked with him briefly while I was running the other night and it sounds promising. He is really doing an amazing JOB. Elizabeth is dealing with Press Releases, getting those out, and making this thing go national….way to go Elizabeth.

Lots of little things are happening. The most important right now is the completion of this book and my continuous training…..more to come…promise!

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Promo Video

Last Saturday my house was full of people at 6am. They were all here to shoot my promo video. It was an odd experience being on the other side of the camera. I thought that being on this side of the camera, I might see what it felt like being shot. However, I found myself questioning the composition and lighting. I was thinking the same way I normally do. Interesting!!! What does that mean?

The video is well on its way. My sound engineer/editor, Jesus Garcia, is working on editing. Today Shane Barnard of ‘Shane and Shane’ granted me permission to use on of their songs in the video…exciting. Can’t wait to see the final product and share it with everyone!

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Apathetic me

Last Friday I met with my running coach (Mike Hummel) to talk about my attitude. I wanted to be honest with him and express how I was feeling about running. Having never been a runner, I am learning all the facets of running + training and discipline all at the same time.

I told him I would find myself trying to cut corners during my runs or I would look for ways to get out of getting my miles in for the day. Its been a weird emotion because on the one hand, I know what I should be doing (getting my miles in for the day) but the other half of me wants to quit and sleep in. I hate struggling like this.

Looking back on my life, running is so much easier than dealing with my hurts, habits and hangups. Its so much easier to run 7 miles than to be less defensive and pride-less

I asked Hummel, “Am I being a baby?? Am I being too sensitive about all this?” In his loving and coach like manner he gently replied, “YES!”. He told me that all runners feel that way. He loves to run. Loves it almost as much as he loves his wife, but he said that sometimes we just don’t want to. Sometimes he has those days, weeks, when he has to push through and get that 4 mile in or his 100 yrd. sprint.  All runners go through this apathetic emotion.

Hummel said the only difference between me and most runners is, I was honest about my feelings and chose to deal with them in a healthy, productive way rather than be defensive and passive aggressive about the task at hand.

I guess in the end the one thing I have learned from this….running is hard. It takes more than muscle and cardio strength to do it. Its about will, determination and discipline.  And on the days when I want to quit, I remember all the people out there who need me to be their voice by standing up to demand?Awareness of everyday hurts and struggles.  So one more time I put on my shoes and run it out.

Looking forward to October!


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