aurorasmallI currently reside in Dallas, Texas with my plus size cat, Chunk. Together we explore the depths of Earth (a.k.a the house…since he is an indoor cat, he has nothing else to explore). With his not so quick hunt like skills and my intense infatuation with his floor level view, we find all kinds of things…..earring backs, dead caterpillars, rubber bands, dried cat vomit and stray grapes or raisins (depending on how long they were sitting there) )

Currently working as a wedding photographer (, I have the luxury of traveling to exciting locations around the US. Perhaps one day I’ll get to photograph my ultimate dream wedding in Scotland! One day…sigh.

As of now, my focus and goal in life is to find that place of liberation and freedom. Having hid under the guise of my own self-loathing and forced sinister behavior as an adolescent, I yearn for the day when I can walk without a cloud of hurt, shame or guilt resting on my shoulders.

I am positive and excited about that day. Until then, I keep tugging along one moment at a time.


OCTOBER  17 – NOVEMBER 14, 2009


16 responses to “Aurora

  1. Adrienne Williams

    I’m so excited about this for you. I have to say I’m inspired and long to be motivated like you have been. I’m encouraged by your ability to visualize the end result and do the work necessary to reach it. You look amazing too…what a great plus!

  2. you are too sweet! Thanks Adrienne. I am excited you’re inspired. I fully expect you to run a couple miles with me 🙂

  3. Anna

    Don’t expect me to run any miles with you… but I can meet you at the resting stop for the evening with a frosty beverage (water) and some home-cooked food (do you like brussels sprouts?) 🙂 You rock like geology and rule like king henry.

  4. Anna, you crack me up…You know I love a good brussel sprout! I also digg a freah artichocke heart.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

  6. Christy

    Hey there!
    So good to “reconnect” via Twitter and now your blog! Can’t wait to dig into your site and catch-up! 🙂

  7. Jesus

    Run Aurora Run!!!!!!


  8. Aurora, Billi has been singing your praises since I met her a few years ago, and I just discovered this blog of yours through hers. It’s nice to put a face to name, good luck with your run!

  9. Anna

    I love that picture! Mostly because you’re DEAD SEXY.

  10. I ❤ this pic of you!!! You look gorgeous.

  11. thanks Hanh! You are super sweet….

  12. The Movement Dallas Digs Aurora! We are excited to be a part of your journey and can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that come from it. Here’s to Real Food, Real Movement, and Real Health 🙂

  13. this has to be steven!

  14. Aimee

    I saw your Twitter and am so amazed my what you are doing. I think it is so absolutely incredible. Good Luck!!!

  15. Awesome work you’re doing Aurora. Just awesome! God is so good. I’ll check out your blog regularly.
    Love you!

  16. this is so beautiful! i read about this on relevant. it sounds awesome (:
    wish you all the best!

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