Due to publishing and sponsorship issues, I am forced to postpone the run.

I will have a new date for the run once I know the new publishing date.Β 

I have not stopped training and will not quit on my dream. The postponement has allowed other wonderful things to happen. First and foremost, I am able to get married sooner than expected. Therefore, I am now planning a wedding that will take place the weekend the run was supposed to end. Once the wedding, and holidays are over, I will start up again.

Shirts will no longer be available. If you have purchased a shirt, your money will be refunded to you.

Please dont loose hope in this cause and continue to pray for it. It’s not over…the date has just been moved around a bit. Check back soon and often for more updates.

My plan from here….Run Run Run. I will not stop training and will not from reaching my goals!



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7 responses to “POSTPONED

  1. Sorry to hear that – but keep the dream going!

  2. Sorry about the postponement, but happy about the wedding. Congratulations, again!

    You’re amazing, Aurora. I’m sure that this alteration in planning will work out best for you, because you always make the best of things.

  3. Looking forward to the run when it is able to happen! Thanks for staying committed to this. So excited!

  4. Update, Update! πŸ™‚

  5. So – just trying to keep you thinking here – what is the latest?

  6. Adair

    Did this run ever happen?

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