Running is Mental & Things do not look as promising as before

I have decided that its not hard to run 10 miles. Its only hard to keep myself occupied while doing it. My running coach let it slip the other day that he can run 10 miles in an hour. OMG…and hour! He is not a real person…defiently bionic! It takes me about and 1.5 hours to 2 hours to run 10 miles.

Its been a rough couple months. I am dealing with some kind of odd nerve thing in my upper should/neck area. It causes my mucles to fatgue quickly when I hold my head up straight for too long. Super annoying. In addition, its been super hot outside. Running in 90+ degree weather stinks!.

Recently a great friend sent over a list of questions. She said in the email, “Look how many burning questions your readers are dying to have answered”. I doubt very seriously this is true, but just to give her respite and appease her desire to know the innermost workings of my training, I will answer her questions 🙂

Media Campaign: Things so not look as promising as they once had before. I feel like momentum is lost and people are dropping the ball. It stresses me out a little because I know this means I will have to do more than anticipated this late in the game. I will start contacting each volunteer to see if they need my help….Needless to say, I am disaapointed.

Shirts and Pictures mailed in: Shirt sales are extrmemly poor. Sadly I had 5 people mail me thier photo. Thanks to those few who did…

Shoes: I wear Nike Lunar Trainers (thin/flexible soles) so yes, I go through about two pair a week with the mileage I am putting out.

current favorite breakfast: 4 eggs (with yolk intact – -good vitamins) 2 pieces of bacon and a tablespoon of cocnut oil straight out of the jar.

Running music?: I listen to audiobooks, sermons, but more than anything else I listen to Britney Spears!!! :::hit me baby one more time:::

 Do you like tap water, spring water, or purified water: I drink Alklin water…





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2 responses to “Running is Mental & Things do not look as promising as before

  1. Anna

    I hate that things have been slow when you’ve worked up so much effort, training and momentum. What types of help do you need? Anything I can do at home in the evenings?

  2. adair

    10 miles in an hour? holy cow! no that is not normal.. I’m happy doing 6 miles an hour and that’s as fast as it’s gonna be.
    Love the blog..

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