Rob Reid inspiration

Ever question what God is capable of?

I dont understand why I do it, but I do. I look back on my life three years ago and think, how in the world was I saved from so much.

Truth is, I woke up again this morning, so God is clearly not done with me yet.

Every now and then I meet or come across others with wonderful stories of victory. In recent days I have come across Rob Reid, recent DTS grad, who fought the odds of his herion addicition and now dedicates much of his efforts to sharing and caring for others with addicitions. Having spoken with him about his addition in brief, I am reminded again of the power God has in my life. I hate it that I forget that sometimes.

Check out his testimony



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2 responses to “Rob Reid inspiration

  1. Anna

    I recently heard about an organization called the James Group that apparently has a history that began with AA, then AA spun off, or something like that. Eric T. is now working with them now for a prevention part of their program.

  2. Anna

    Also, have you heard of John Lynch? I watched a DVD presentation that he gave at a Navigator’s event and it was! Check it out.

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