PRE-ORDER your shirt NOW!!!!!

Its offical. You can now pre-order your shirts. Click on the “STORE” link above to buy your shirt. If you have questions about the ordering process, please contact I am just the messanger!!!!

If you plan on running with me more than once, feel free to buy more than one shirt. Can’t wait for this thing to happen.

Also, note that on the last day of the run, we will be throwing our shirts into a fire to symbolize our decision to step out of denial and into Grace. By tossing the shirt into the pit you are saying, “I recocognize (insert struggle) often controls my life and I am ready to face my problem so I can live a life of  freedom”.

You don’t have to toss all your shirts in the pit. You don’t have to toss any of them if you don’t want to. Its optional…just lettin’ you know!


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One response to “PRE-ORDER your shirt NOW!!!!!

  1. Anna

    Hmm, so are we all going to be shirtless around the fire? That could be awkward. 😛

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