Hilarious Rain

Like most mornings, I set out to run. It was about 5:30am when I set my foot on the grass to start running. Four minutes had past when I started to feel rain drops on my skin. I thought to myself, “I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN”. Then as soon as that thought had passed, out of no where, the sky opened up and water began to pour from the sky.

It was almost comical the amount of water falling on my head. Even if I wanted to continue my run, I knew I could not. I could not continue because the water was so thick and heavy I could not see in front of me. The thunder was so loud it drowned out the sound of my ipod.

As I stood in the middle of the field contemplating what had just happened in the past 30 seconds, I started to laugh at myself. It was truly a site to see….there I was, standing alone in the field, completely drenched from head to toe. The water was pouring like an open fire hydrant and sky was as dark as movie theatre.

I laughed at myself for a few moments before making my way back to my car. Because the wall of rain was so thick, finding my car was no easy task. Once I made it back, safe and sound, I drove back home (6:10am), slipped back in my PJs, grabbed my fat cat and nestled back into bed.

The sound of rain slamming against my bedroom window was wonderful to hear as I knew that my afternoon run would be cool, breezy and wonderful.


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  1. Anna

    Running in the rain is great. Running underneath a waterfall? Probably a lot harder. BUT – I really wish we had that whole scene on youTube. Congrats for making it up and out the door, onto the set route and giving it your best shot. Given those circumstances, the cozy bed was the only logical option. You deserved it! 🙂

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