Running 6-7 miles a day

My running coach once told me that conditioned runners run 10 miles a day. I thought, “Well if conditioned runners run 10miles a day I can run across Texas”. Now I am doing 6-7 a day, and its hard. I think its the mileage that keeps me fearful. When I run based on time, I tend to see the end. Now its all mental. When I run 6 miles a day, my body feels great the next day. No problems. Its just getting past what my brain is telling me to do. Stop running.

I have started listening to book on tape when I run. Its kinda exciting…however, occasionally I find myself walking cause the suspense made me stop. I don’t even realize it when it stop…its kinda funny.

Today was a rainy day in Dallas. So that means my new white running shoes will promptly be grey and brown…

Now I am off to run as I dive back into my new book “The Lord Thief”. Anyone out there have any suggestions for some good books to listen to while I read, I am all ears.


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  1. Anna

    Even though your shoes won’t be all new and pretty, at least it’s not so hot!

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