I can’t do two things at once. Today I received a text from someone asking me to update the blog. I realized I have been so focused on training and writing my book, I have forgotten to write in the blog. My apologies everyone.

This morning I woke up to discover a slight amount of discomfort on the side of my foot. Not sure what thats about, but it better not be something stupid! I don’t think I can handle having to deal with a dumb injury right now. Talked to my running coach about it and he thinks its nothing. I like his attitude, cause I think its nothing too.

Lately I have been planning a volunteer reception for all the peps helping make this thing possible. I really hope we can regain momentum and really boost the spirit of the run. Can’t believe its almost here….

Mark, a volunteer, is getting together our sponsorship list. Talked with him briefly while I was running the other night and it sounds promising. He is really doing an amazing JOB. Elizabeth is dealing with Press Releases, getting those out, and making this thing go national….way to go Elizabeth.

Lots of little things are happening. The most important right now is the completion of this book and my continuous training…..more to come…promise!


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  1. Anna

    You can talk and run at the same time? Good to hear there’s lots going on behind the scenes! I am excited to hear more about the book. 🙂

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