My 6am route

Don’t get me wrong. I love getting up early, but I don’t love getting my heart rate up early. Tomorrow its suppose to hit 100 degrees here in Dallas, Texas. This means, I MUST wake at 5am to start eating and drinking water before I go for a run. Below is the route I will be running tomorrow, so if you don’t get a tweet from me by 7:30am…at the latest, call 911 🙂

This route is 3 miles out and 3 miles back. Hopefully the arm injury will be able to endure the constant pounding….

If you are up at 5am, send me a tweet! I’ll be sure to tweet back before I head out the door.

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4 responses to “My 6am route

  1. Anna

    So how did it go? Did you need to call 911? Keep up the early morning runs. By the time I’m walking in to work near 8am it already feels like someone sucked out the oxygen and replaced it with heat and humidity. And just think, you ran 6 miles probably before I got out of bed! 🙂 You always were making good use of the time I spent sleeping.

  2. It went well….I got up…a little late out the door, but all in all…it was a good run. I HATE humidity, but I can’t complain because I chose to live in Texas.

    I finished running at 7:15am…what time time did you get out of bed?

  3. Good to hear you got out the door. I was out yesterday morning by about 5:30…. late for me.

    So, what is up with the arm? Is this from the accident you mentioned? I don’t remember reading about what actually happened though.

  4. The arm…I broke up a dog fight…was bit on the calf and fractured my wrist. JOY!!! 😦

    But I heal freakishly fast, so the fracture is gone (hairline) and the holes on my leg are just about gone.

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