“Texas” arrived today

Texas always get s a bad rap for being so hot. The reason is because it is stupid hot here. I am slowly learning the value of waking up each morning at 4:30am to run at 5:30am while its still in the 60-70’s. If I wait any longer than that, I face the consequence of running in 90 degree weather. That is no fun!

Why do I get up so early if I am running at 5:30am? I need fuel to run. If I were running a couple miles, I’d eat a banana or two, but since I run 7 days a week 5+ miles a day, I need protein and fat in my system before I set out. A great breakfast to help me get my miles in are two to three eggs cooked in coconut oil, 1/2 an avocado, a spoonful of walnut butter, two glasses of water. Yum, Yum. Perfect breakfast for my body type if I am going to run 5+ miles.

I heard a rumor that once I start running for 90min, I will need to bring food with me to eat while on the go. Any validity to that? 

Here’s to 3 long months of 90-100 degree weather. Hopefully this year Texas will not try to break its record of how many days it can get over 100 degrees.



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4 responses to ““Texas” arrived today

  1. Anna

    Hahaha. Pray for rain. That’s the only hope! And do you still like yogurt? I actually have a yogurt maker from a friend that I’ve never used. Want to borrow it?

  2. Good job at getting up at 4:30 and out the door at 5:30!

    I myself usually just get up and out the door within 10-20 minutes so I only have time for some water. This has served me well for the past couple years, and I am not yet ready to get up before 4:30 myself. I was getting up at 4:15 for awhile when I needed to run 8 or more miles, but I am not yet back to that stage yet….

    I have even put in many long runs on Saturdays without any fuel other than sports drinks/water/gu gels. I have gone as far as 14 miles on just that and no breakfast. I just recently realized that that is not the wisest move when I took my daughter out for a run in the morning before she ate breakfast. We had to quit and walk back after only 3 miles because she just didn’t have enough energy to keep going. I then took that into account and this past Saturday we got up an hour early to eat some breakfast before heading out. I put in 4 miles with her and she had no problems. I went back out for another 6, and it felt really a lot better.

    Much can be said about proper fueling and hydration….. and I am still learning over 2 years later!

    As for the taking food with you for over 90 minutes, I have never heard that before. The only time I have heard of people actually needing to eat during a run was during Ultras. I think you need to fuel well before, hydrate well, and make sure you take some Gu or plenty of sports drinks along with you. I have heard of people using plain salt while running marathons, but never food. (I may be mis-informed though)

    Keep up the good work…. I will move along now since my comment is probably already longer than your post 🙂

  3. I love that your post was longer than mine! Hilarious.
    I am positive both my coaches and event coordinator would KILL me if I did not eat before I ran. Tommy, my even coordinator has already been on my case about eating enough to sustain the number of miles I complete in a week.

    I find that my morning breakfast is perfect! I could probably use more water though. It seems like I cannot get enough.

    Thanks for reading the blog. It helps to know there is someone out there showing interest in this cause.

    blessings, aurora

  4. Sarah

    I agree – it is best to run in the early morning during Texas summers! But be careful about challenging Texas with that “over 100 degree” record . . . you know Texas can bring that on!

    As for hydration, there are these neat little waist band/belts that can hold 1-2 water bottles. I’ve seen several runners use them in races, and seems like a good idea if you are worried about staying hydrated on the go without having to break your pace for a water stop.

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