Progress on the Networks and such

Briefly spoke with Tom, my media relations guy, about the progress on contacting the networks. He was able to leave messages (which is a plus), and get more contact info on other specific people at places like Oprah and The Today Show. 

I have been working on spreading the word to everyone else in America via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t started following us yet, you can. On the right side of the page is a title that says “Running for Awareness”. That’s our link to our twitter page. Or you can add us with our name @awarenessrun. 

I have also begun contacting counties to gain approval to run through their town(s). So far, I have learned that local officals do not really work on Fridays. I don’t blame them. Its the first weekend of June. Lets all get out there and splash around in the pool, eat watermelon and read a good book! 

Happy Summer Everyone!



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3 responses to “Progress on the Networks and such

  1. Anna

    mmm, watermelon and pool. Sounds nice. How about contact cement and lacquer thinner? 🙂 That’s my weekend. Have you contacted Conan? Just don’t tell him about the pictures that you had on the wall in college. Hehe.

  2. anna, you are not suppose to tell people about my conan crush in college.

  3. Good to hear! Hope things start coming together for you soon…. Go Oprah! 🙂

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