Last Wedding of the Year!

Saturday night was my last wedding for the year. This means I am able to dedicate 200% of my energies to the awareness run.

I thought I would be excited about my temporary flee from wedding photography, but I was wrong. As I pulled up to the Nashville airport on Sunday morning to drop off my rental, it hit me, “this is the last wedding I will shoot for a while”. I got a little teary eyed.

I am going to miss the hustle and bustle of the day. Miss the cake cutting, kids running around high on sugar, parents crying over the joy of seeing their children married, and most of all, I will miss getting to experience the miracle of marraige on a weekly basis.

Though I will be doing portrait sessions here and there, weddings are dear to my heart. I guess its time for me to rest a little….I have been going non-stop shooting weddings now for 3 years. A little rest is deserved and expected. I guess I can officially say I am temporarily unemployed….lol.

Now I am onto more important matters at the moment….RUNNING ACROSS TEXAS!


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  1. Anna

    Umm, you only have 100%. Don’t give more than that or you’ll be in negative balance! 🙂 I love that for you weddings are more than just a job. I’m sure after this break you’ll have a whole renewed excitement about more weddings!

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