An “OMG” moment…

For the past month, I have become numb to the run. The daily tasks of running, eating right, and addressing the issues of dealing with production companies, have become the norm. I lost the “wow factor” in all this. I see now how easy it is to make something ordinary in your life. I started wondering about other things I do, we do. Do we make Jesus ordinary? Remember when we got cool feelings in our tummies when someone talked to us about the Gospel? Remember when we got our first cars….we all thought we were so cool. Even if the car was a tool, we thought we were something. The first day of school is another…some did not like it, but for me, I loved the first day. No matter if it was grade school, undergrad or grad school, the first day was always something special.

I lost sight of the “wow factor” in this run across Texas. It seemed so normal for me to think that running nearly 300 miles was a breeze. Talking about being on national networks used to be something I thought only possible in daydreams, but I am learning it can be real.

All this to say, this morning, I had an “OMG” moment. I thought about what I was doing, the reason behind the run and started to get excited! I thought…”OMG, I am the one who is doing all this. Me, Aurora…the girl who used to weigh almost 300lbs, is running across Texas..the same girl who would never admit to her insecurities and share them with anyone.” I never in my life thought I would be running anything more than a mile. It took me almost a full year to be able to consistently run 5 min without stopping. I used to think it unimaginable to run for 5 straight min. Not the case anymore!

I can’t believe this is actually happening. I can’t believe I am running across Texas. I can’t believe I am writing a book. I can’t believe I am openly talking about my struggles. I can’t believe I will be on national TV.




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2 responses to “An “OMG” moment…

  1. Anna

    The ability to make things ordinary is both a blessing and a curse, huh? Routine is so comforting, but breaking it is so fulfilling. 🙂

  2. OMG..yes.
    ps. this is my new favorite saying… “OMG.” I use it in everyday jargon…

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