Update: Route

So the trip was super successful. We were able to get the exact run for most of the trip which includes the service a lot of the way. We did lots of turning around, starting over, and going back to point A…..but it was a good trip. I talked a lot which left my partner drained (I will need to learn not to talk so much).

The conclusion is, we will have to drive the route again, since we know what we are doing, it should not take 12 hours. In addition, I will probably need to make trips out to certain spots just to practice running….holy moly there is so much to do in 5 months!


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  1. Anna

    It would be fun to “leave something” at each place that you stay. Plant a tree, paint a rock, something fun to mark each stop along the way. Will it be hard not to stop running to take photographs of the awesome sunrise light illuminating the road or the fantastically grafiti’d wall juxtaposing a field of wildflowers? (Just making up theoretical scenes, of course.) 🙂

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