USPS + Press Packets = BFF

They are officially in the mail.  Between tomorrow and next Tuesday, Press Packets will be traveling to Chicago, New York, California and Dallas.  I cannot to hear how all these networks are going to boost the efforts of the Run.

Starting praying now!

If you are not a runner, but want to run 1 mile with me, get out there and start practicing! If you want to run with me, leave me a comment and I will hook you up with the dates, times and places I will be running.



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2 responses to “USPS + Press Packets = BFF

  1. Anna

    I’ll reiterate… I don’t run, but I’ll cook a tasty, organic, gluten free, protein rich meal for you somewhere. Or maybe I’ll just bring it to you if cooking isn’t an option. I do have a camp stove, though, hmmm.

  2. I can run a mile. If I’m in Texas. Sho’ nuff.

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