I have help :)

Almost a month ago a friend of mine asked how he could help with the run. I suggested he could make photo copies with me.

A month later, after lots of talk, prayer and patience, he joined me in this whole adventure on a full time basis. Its such a relief to have help. Not only is the extra pair of hands handy, but its freeing to have someone around all the time who supports and encourages me in this run. Although I don’t ever doubt my ambition, I get scared thinking about putting myself out there for everyone to see.

I feel embarrassingly  blessed and overwhelmed by the love and support my new partner offers me. In addition, The Movement Dallas (www.themovementdallas.com), offers a whole other set of people who do  nothing but build me up and encourage me in all this craziness.



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One response to “I have help :)

  1. Anna

    It’s so hard to find good help these days…. Hehehe. Seriously, though, good to know that you’ve got someone to share the project.

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