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Limitied social life

A friend of mine was concerned I was not getting enough social time because I was either running, eating, sleeping or writing. Its true that my life is consumed with training and sleeping. Since I run so much (7 days week), I usually hit the sack pretty early. These days its not abnormal for me to get 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Running really helps me sleep hard all through the night….except when my stupid cat bites my face and walks over my head to wake me up so I can feed him.

Two positives about my limited social life.

  1. I am an introvert by nature. So in general, I don’t mind being alone all day and not talking to anyone. I’d rather be at home than out to eat with friends or to see a movie. Although I do enjoy these things, I don’t have to have them on a regular basis. I can go weeks weeks without one-on-one human contact. Thus, being alone all day, training, writing, eating, etc., is no challenge. I rather enjoy the quietness of my house….its just me and my fat cat, Chunk. I find great amusement in throwing paper clips at his tummy while he tries to get some shut eye. I have made it my priority to rob him of his slumber since he so eagerly steals mine every morning at 4am. 
  2. This is where God has me right now. The fact that I am so content being alone is probably a great indicator that I am living in the spirit by doing what I am suppose to be doing.

 I don’t know what the next 5 months will look like, but I can only imagine it will become even more strict. If you invite me to a party, hangout night or want to come over and chill, please don’t be offended if I say I can’t. Its really hard to plan life around training. Its imperative that I get my miles in each day, write at least 10 pages a day and sleep whenever  I feel like I need rest. If I don’t get these things, then I can’t complete the task at hand….RUNNING ACROSS TEXAS TO PROMOTE EMOTIONAL HEALTH!

I am so incredibly thankful for all the invites, phone calls, and emails to hangout. Please don’t stop them from coming. Just know this temporary season of my life is dedicated to training. After November, I will attend all the Thanksgiving/Christmas parties, retreats and social gatherings I get invited to (maybe not all them, cause too much social time is a bit overwhelming for me).

Thanks for being sensitive to where God has me during this season of my life 🙂


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5 months away

I have been waiting for this run to start picking up and here we are. This morning I sat down made a laundry list of things to do. Here is an an example of what I did this morning.

  • Contact counties about running through their towns.
  • Continue to call networks, sponsors, agents/managers.
  • Establish clear route on large map
  • Find someone(s) to organize the opening and closing events.
  • set up media point locations with maps.

Its nice to be so close and able to start doing all these things I have been thinking about since last year.

Hopefully this next month will be a month of success and victory! I can’t wait to see what the next 30 days will look like.

if you haven’t started praying yet, please do so….I totally need all  I can get. This is a big project. I have no intentions on completing any of this based on my own strength.

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Phone calls to Networks

So tomorrow I will start making calls to the networks. By now everyone should have received the packets. This is so exciting and so scary. Real network producers are looking at everything…CRAZY. I can’t believe this is happening.

Go Emotional health!

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An “OMG” moment…

For the past month, I have become numb to the run. The daily tasks of running, eating right, and addressing the issues of dealing with production companies, have become the norm. I lost the “wow factor” in all this. I see now how easy it is to make something ordinary in your life. I started wondering about other things I do, we do. Do we make Jesus ordinary? Remember when we got cool feelings in our tummies when someone talked to us about the Gospel? Remember when we got our first cars….we all thought we were so cool. Even if the car was a tool, we thought we were something. The first day of school is another…some did not like it, but for me, I loved the first day. No matter if it was grade school, undergrad or grad school, the first day was always something special.

I lost sight of the “wow factor” in this run across Texas. It seemed so normal for me to think that running nearly 300 miles was a breeze. Talking about being on national networks used to be something I thought only possible in daydreams, but I am learning it can be real.

All this to say, this morning, I had an “OMG” moment. I thought about what I was doing, the reason behind the run and started to get excited! I thought…”OMG, I am the one who is doing all this. Me, Aurora…the girl who used to weigh almost 300lbs, is running across Texas..the same girl who would never admit to her insecurities and share them with anyone.” I never in my life thought I would be running anything more than a mile. It took me almost a full year to be able to consistently run 5 min without stopping. I used to think it unimaginable to run for 5 straight min. Not the case anymore!

I can’t believe this is actually happening. I can’t believe I am running across Texas. I can’t believe I am writing a book. I can’t believe I am openly talking about my struggles. I can’t believe I will be on national TV.



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Update: Route

So the trip was super successful. We were able to get the exact run for most of the trip which includes the service a lot of the way. We did lots of turning around, starting over, and going back to point A…..but it was a good trip. I talked a lot which left my partner drained (I will need to learn not to talk so much).

The conclusion is, we will have to drive the route again, since we know what we are doing, it should not take 12 hours. In addition, I will probably need to make trips out to certain spots just to practice running….holy moly there is so much to do in 5 months!

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USPS + Press Packets = BFF

They are officially in the mail.  Between tomorrow and next Tuesday, Press Packets will be traveling to Chicago, New York, California and Dallas.  I cannot to hear how all these networks are going to boost the efforts of the Run.

Starting praying now!

If you are not a runner, but want to run 1 mile with me, get out there and start practicing! If you want to run with me, leave me a comment and I will hook you up with the dates, times and places I will be running.


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Detailing the Route

Tomorrow morning at 7am, Tommy and I will be driving/running the running route from Dallas to Galveston Bay. I did this once before, last December, but after I arrived back in Dallas, I realized how much more work this route would need. Therefore, we will be taking maps with us to chart the course. In addition, there will be parts of the drive when I get out and run a couple hundred feet to get a feel for the terrain.

I cant believe this is really happenening. Its always a surprise when your dreams become reality. Occasionally I pinch myself to make sure I am not asleep.

We will be back in D-town on Thursday. I doubt I will post anything from the trip, but if I get some good pictures of me running and distracting Tommy while he drives,  I will throw a couple up here for everyone to see.

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