Almost there…

It seems like I have been going on an on about these press packets. Good news, I finally have all the pieces I need to put it together! I have been waiting on photography, write ups and printing to complete my packet.

  • Prioity #1 Sit with my VP for the Run and decide the order, layout and packaging of the product.
  • Prioty #2 Make remaining photo copies
  • Prioty #3 Assemble packets & mail them off to the Networks.
  • Prioty #4 Pray


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2 responses to “Almost there…

  1. You rock! You can do it!

    :O) Billi

  2. Anna

    Waiting on photography is rough. If only there was someone we knew who could take photographs… j/k. 🙂 I can help with Priority #4!

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