Where will you sleep? what will you eat?

These are the two questions I get asked most often. Some people ask if I will be sleeping in a tent. Some assume I will be sleeping at random peoples homes. Others ask if  will sleep in the car.

Reality. On day one of my run, I will only be 10 miles away from my house. For the first week I plan to sleep in my own bed. From there on out,  I will probably camp out in hotel rooms with hot water and comfy beds.

Food. That is actually a more difficult question. Would love to be able to carry much of my food with me. I may be buying one of those single burners and cooking meals in one pot. Its totally do-able. In fact, I have already been practicing this type of cooking.  I do not want to eat over at peoples homes as my diet is super selective, requiring certain kinds of beef (grass fed only) and certain kinds of raw foods (milk, butter, etc). If there are farms along the way who eat from their gardens and refrain from the use of pesticides in their soil, I may be tempted to take them up on their offer to feed me one day.

Sound complicated? It is…but I welcome the complications.



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2 responses to “Where will you sleep? what will you eat?

  1. brenda amaya

    you can always eat at our house….if you remember, I have so much food that you like!

  2. Thats not the truth!

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