This Mexican is running

When I first started running (more than 3 mins at a time) I did it on a treadmill at the gym. Since beginning work with my running and movement coaches, I am forbade to run on a treadmill. Instead I am running on the track at the SMU campus, local highschools  or on the jogging trails in town.

All in all, its a different experience. I am having to deal with things not found in a gym, like wind, animals, rocks, rain, people on bikes, crowding, and most importantly the sun.

As a blessing from my father (a Mexican), I tan very well. Because my name is apparentley a name found in Northren India, I often get asked if I am indian. Sadly I have to respond with no and confess to being 1/2 Mexican.

Currently running 1 hour a day outside, I have no choice but to take on a new ethnicity this summer. But have no fear! Once September rolls around, I am back to being a full blown white girl who looks as if she should have nothing to do with any cultures encompassing shades of olive in their skin tone.

Until that September day hits, I am transitioning into Mexican mode. Don’t be surprised if I start speaking Spanish to you by accident…Telemundo es mi estación favorte ver en el verano!

Just in case you were wondering….Yes, I wear sunscreen everyday…actually, its not sunscreen….I wear coconut oil. Its a natural protector against the sun’s harmful rays.



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8 responses to “This Mexican is running

  1. Erik


    I am sad to confess that I have not kept you in my prayers lately. I am so glad that you sent an email reminder. I am sooo encouraged by what you are doing. You have a really authentic, witty and original voice and are an inspiration. I wish you the best on your journey with the Lord and your run.

  2. brenda

    why is it you Mexican want to be white..and I try sooo darn hard to tan and pass for a Mexican??? LOL…I really thought carrying 3 of them in my belly for 9 months, some of that tan would have mixed in !!! 🙂

  3. Hannah Newlin

    You’re pretty much adorable. 🙂

  4. Adrienne Williams

    So proud of you! You’re out of the gym and facing the elements! Yes, running outside is a very different experience, but I know you’ll love it! Have fun and be injury free 🙂

  5. big j.

    hooray for mexican power!!! just don’t go overboard…i don’t want to see any fringe hanging from the headboard of your car!

  6. out of control Jordan D.
    You are out of control…
    Viva La Mexicana

  7. Go coconut oil! Its my sunscreen too!

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