I’m writing a book

Over the past couple days, a few of my friends were taken by surprise when I told them about the book I am writing to accompany the run. I guess I dropped the ball and completely forgot to mention I was in the process of putting together a manuscript of my own personal experiences with my emotional disorders.

The book will basically chronicle my life starting with my “rock bottom” moment and ending with the awareness run. You, as the reader, will be able to walk with me in the same way I walked through recovery. You will come to an understanding about what happened to me in the same way I came to the understanding.

I am slowly working on one chapter at a time. I’ve not started from chapter one and written straight through. I have actually started in the middle of the book and written based on how I was inspired. It takes me about 4 days to complete a chapter, another 2 days for the first edit and 2 weeks for the third edit.

I have no idea how long or short the book will be, nor do I know the publisher info yet. This is all soon to come. The book is completed for the most part. By completed I mean, a detailed outline has been made for 95% of the chapters.

Its been a challenge for me to write and be honest. Some of the events and experiences I share in the book are things I have NEVER talked about to anyone, including myself.  Its been difficult and healing to be honest about why I struggle and where I started.

On the one hand I am extremely proud of myself for being so open and vulnerable, but on the other hand I am embarrassed and sometimes ashamed. This is a good place to be as it means God is still working and still growing me. I can’t say I “enjoy” it, but I do like being in the midst of His will….pursuing the right avenues for my personal emotional health.

Hopefully the book will be completely done by June.Upon its completion,  I’ll throw a chapter or two on the blog for everyone to read (provided I am allowed to by my agent and or publisher – neither of which I have at the moment).



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2 responses to “I’m writing a book

  1. brenda

    or you could send a chpt or two to me to edit!!!

  2. Hannah Newlin

    I’m looking forward to all of this… the chapters, the finished book, and the celebrations of everything that happens along the way. You are inspiring…

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