Its raining Encouragement!

I have been blessed….no, let me rephrase that….I have been ridiculously blessed this past month. 

The studio where I receive my movement training, “The Movement Dallas”, is full of people who believe in the fullest potential of the human body. When I am in the studio talking with those who work there, they treat this run as if its something completely normal. In that I mean, they have no hesitations/no reservations about the potential of a wedding photographer running across Texas.

Since what I am doing is completely attainable in their mind, they offer me nothing but encouragement, blessings and love as I set out to show people everywhere, they don’t have to prostitute themselves to there addictions, fears and struggles.

At the movement Dallas I am surrounded by people who not only physically believe I can do this, they also believe in the cause I am pursuing. They alone have spurred me on to pursue tiny bits of this project I have been avoiding. Each time I leave the studio I feel empowered….I feel like I can change the world.

Their love and care for me have been a monumental reason I have been able to get so much done this month.

In addition, I have a short list of friends who are encouraging me by sending text messages and emails saying, “run hard today”, “be strong, you’re doing great!”. Michael, Aymee, Anna, Adrienne, Wheeler and Jimmy (in Shanghai) are a few of my friends who are responsible for being so amazing and kind to me during my training and planning.

I can’t wait to get these press packets out. Still waiting on one photographer, business card guy and a bio. Once these documents are done….Hello Today Show, Oprah, and Good Morning America. Maybe even Conan O’ Brian, but that may be pushing it a little too far.

Thank you all for supporting me.

Humbled, aurora



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2 responses to “Its raining Encouragement!

  1. Wheedog

    you should totally forget about Today Show, Opera, Good Morning America… Pfff… Conan O’Brian is where it’s AT.

  2. Seriously, if I got to meet Conan…..OMG. He is so AMAZING!
    I would totally make his ratings soar. Since he is in Califronia now, maybe I can see him in between photographing weddings!

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