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Almost there…

It seems like I have been going on an on about these press packets. Good news, I finally have all the pieces I need to put it together! I have been waiting on photography, write ups and printing to complete my packet.

  • Prioity #1 Sit with my VP for the Run and decide the order, layout and packaging of the product.
  • Prioty #2 Make remaining photo copies
  • Prioty #3 Assemble packets & mail them off to the Networks.
  • Prioty #4 Pray


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I don’t, I’m not, I am

I am not a runner, I am a wedding photographer.
I am not a marketing guru; I am 28 year old girl from Texas.
I don’t know how to make press packets, but I am doing it.
I didn’t know I needed press packets.
I am not a writer, but I am the only one who knows my story.
I have made numerous poor choices in my life, but I won’t let that defeat me.
I feel like I let God down so much.
I don’t read my Bible as often as I would like, but when I do I am encouraged.
I slip back into old habits without knowing it sometimes.
I have lied to people I love, admire and care for.
I allowed myself to become addicted to food.
I am having a hard time forgiving myself for becoming fat and unhealthy.
I am scared of failing, scared of being hurt and scared of fearing.
I judge people.
I have poor body image.
I don’t always ask Jesus to comfort me when I hurt.

But for some reason God chooses to use imperfect things


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Only people who run can say they have running injuries. This means I am a runner! I have an injury. This makes me totally legit…

I can’t believe I have a running injury..what a cool blessing I get to experience. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would have an injury from doing something I physically could not do 16 months ago.

Granted it does stink to be hurt, but its sooo temporary. I love this new life. This new way of living.

I cherish this set back and see it as a way to further experience the glory and excitement of running across Texas for a cause.

I am relishing my recovery days and anticipating the hours when I can get out there and start running again!


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Sharing day

Today is the day I share my ideas and vision with two very important people. One person is someone well versed in PR while the other is someone who may end up being my right had man!

Hopefully the PR person will offer insight, encouragement and correction on whats been done and whats to come. The potential right-hand man may be someone new adding to this blog as well as following me during my run across Texas.

I feel like there is always so much going on! So many great things! So many wonderful ideas! Praise HIM.

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Where will you sleep? what will you eat?

These are the two questions I get asked most often. Some people ask if I will be sleeping in a tent. Some assume I will be sleeping at random peoples homes. Others ask if  will sleep in the car.

Reality. On day one of my run, I will only be 10 miles away from my house. For the first week I plan to sleep in my own bed. From there on out,  I will probably camp out in hotel rooms with hot water and comfy beds.

Food. That is actually a more difficult question. Would love to be able to carry much of my food with me. I may be buying one of those single burners and cooking meals in one pot. Its totally do-able. In fact, I have already been practicing this type of cooking.  I do not want to eat over at peoples homes as my diet is super selective, requiring certain kinds of beef (grass fed only) and certain kinds of raw foods (milk, butter, etc). If there are farms along the way who eat from their gardens and refrain from the use of pesticides in their soil, I may be tempted to take them up on their offer to feed me one day.

Sound complicated? It is…but I welcome the complications.


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Couple days ago got my first interest in the book from a publishing company. Hopefully over the next few days I will be able to communicate effectively the purpose and heart behind the book.

The company sought me out and made an effort to reach out. I am thrilled and excited to see if this is the company God wants me to use.


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This Mexican is running

When I first started running (more than 3 mins at a time) I did it on a treadmill at the gym. Since beginning work with my running and movement coaches, I am forbade to run on a treadmill. Instead I am running on the track at the SMU campus, local highschools  or on the jogging trails in town.

All in all, its a different experience. I am having to deal with things not found in a gym, like wind, animals, rocks, rain, people on bikes, crowding, and most importantly the sun.

As a blessing from my father (a Mexican), I tan very well. Because my name is apparentley a name found in Northren India, I often get asked if I am indian. Sadly I have to respond with no and confess to being 1/2 Mexican.

Currently running 1 hour a day outside, I have no choice but to take on a new ethnicity this summer. But have no fear! Once September rolls around, I am back to being a full blown white girl who looks as if she should have nothing to do with any cultures encompassing shades of olive in their skin tone.

Until that September day hits, I am transitioning into Mexican mode. Don’t be surprised if I start speaking Spanish to you by accident…Telemundo es mi estación favorte ver en el verano!

Just in case you were wondering….Yes, I wear sunscreen everyday…actually, its not sunscreen….I wear coconut oil. Its a natural protector against the sun’s harmful rays.


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