Press Packet update

Sadly I am still waiting on a variety of people to help me complete this HUGE task.

These Press Packets are super important. Here is what should happen. Once I get together a killer packet, I will send this packet to various networks. If they like what they see, they will call me back and hopefully request further information. Once I return the “further information”, I may be asked to fill out certain questionnaires, talk to various producers and hopefully land a date when I can be on the show.

The reason I want to make this national is for all those people out there who are afraid to tell others why they are hurting. I want to let them know its okay to speak up. They best way I can show them its “ok”, is by offereing my story and provide a real life example of what it would look in thier lives for them to be vulnerable and honest.

So, in the mean time, I am waiting on the business card design, the final edit of a chapter from my book, handwritten thank you notes, and a list of sponsors to be completed. Once I get these documents, I need to make copies and mail them off to the networks.


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