The Movement Dallas

I was on the hunt for a place where I would be able to reap the benefits of talking to someone who knew how the human body functioned, but without help of synthetic medicines (basically anything man made). During my battle with serious depression last year, I became a firm believer that food and exercise can prevent all problems with my body.

After months of searching I was finally pointed in the direction of  The Movement Dallas. They have put “thousands of hours into creating the most holistic model to benefit everyone from the “average Joe” to the professional athlete. Their approach encompasses the six foundations of healthy living: thinking, breathing, moving, eating, drinking, and sleeping. They wholeheartedly believe that you will not only be happier and healthier, but your physical appearance will reflect your inward change.”

I have only meet with them twice, but since have become a huge fan. I highly encourage everyone to seek after the movement if you have a deep interest in your health and exercise. They will blow your mind.; when you call ask for Steven!


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  1. matt

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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