Running coach and T-shirt man!

This past weekend was mucho exciting.

Friday afternoon I met with lad they call Mike. Mike is extremely hardcore. Not only does he stand humbly with me at the feet of Jesus, he is a ridiculous runner. Currently he is in training to qualify for the 2012 Olympics.  Homeboy can run a 4 minute mile. That’s 20 seconds shy of the world record….(I think I am right about this, but not 100% sure). 

After a very encouraging chat with Mike I was pumped up again for the Awareness Run. He validated my passion for emotional health and the challenge of keeping up a 10 mile a day run.  He has completely jumpstarted my motivation again. Will will meet up this week and start working on my mechanics. I am so pumped!

I am also beginning to work ahead a little on the details for the public….T-shirts. People cannot sign-up to run with me, but they are welcome to run alongside me on one condition. They have to wear a shirt that says what you are running for. The front of the shirt will need to say “Running for Awareness” while the back of the shirt says “I struggle with (insert emotional disorder). People are more than welcome to take a sharpie to a white t-shirt and make their own or they can buy one off the website.

The plan is to get a t-shirt company  to sell shirts at a cheap price. Basically these t-shirts will be your ticket to be allowed to run alongside me.

Sunday nights meeting with Bryan of ‘Eleven 9 Clothing’ was another encouraging and motivational meet. I was able to share my faults and successes with him. At the end of the meeting he had a healthy understanding of my heart in the project and seemed more on fire about the run than me. In addition, Bryan is all about Jesus! I am loving how many people are coming into this project already a fan of the God.

All in all…a very encouraging and up-lifting weekend.



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3 responses to “Running coach and T-shirt man!

  1. Anna

    I haven’t checked your blog in a while! I need to find out why my Google Reader RSS feeds aren’t working properly. Thanks for the updates! I’m excited about your enthusiasm. Keep it up, lady. Exciting times, ahead!

  2. Adrienne Williams

    So, I was thinking about this. I hope I’m in town when you do this…if not, I may just have to make a trip back. I’d love to run a leg with you. For my t-shirt I can personally say, “I struggle with self-induces stress, perfectionism and controling behaviors.” I’d also like to add, “Depression, anxiety and schizophrenia ‘run’ in my family…” What do you think? Heck of a list huh!

  3. I think I am going to do the same thing on my tshirt…
    nothing wrong with being honest!
    I love that you are willing to do that!

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