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Press Packet update

Sadly I am still waiting on a variety of people to help me complete this HUGE task.

These Press Packets are super important. Here is what should happen. Once I get together a killer packet, I will send this packet to various networks. If they like what they see, they will call me back and hopefully request further information. Once I return the “further information”, I may be asked to fill out certain questionnaires, talk to various producers and hopefully land a date when I can be on the show.

The reason I want to make this national is for all those people out there who are afraid to tell others why they are hurting. I want to let them know its okay to speak up. They best way I can show them its “ok”, is by offereing my story and provide a real life example of what it would look in thier lives for them to be vulnerable and honest.

So, in the mean time, I am waiting on the business card design, the final edit of a chapter from my book, handwritten thank you notes, and a list of sponsors to be completed. Once I get these documents, I need to make copies and mail them off to the networks.


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10th straight day of running

That is correct. I have been running for 10 straight days. Though the mileage is low, the daily discipline is impressive to me. I honestly did not think I would be running this hardcore. Lets just keep praying for ‘no injuries’. 

No worries on me running too much. I am running at the advice of two of the greatest people known to man (Craig Keaton of and Mike Hummel of “I can run a 3min mile and some change”) these guys know whats best. We are all good.

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My heart in this run….

Every now and then, I get completely freaked out about what  I am doing and cry my heart out. I am scared of two things, running 250 miles and afraid I won’t get the right message to those who need to hear it.

I can’t tell you how much I want people to hear my heart. I desperately want everyone to recognize and admit  how unhealthy patterns are causing them to ruin their lives. I also want people to learn to speak up and acknowledge those around them who they see are struggling…their friends, family members, co-workers, etc.

By ignoring the potential damaging issues you see in yourself and ignoring those of others, we are only asking for disaster to happen. Its time we speak up for whats right and stop keeping quiet. Hurting people need to know their are others out there who love them and want to help them. And those hurting, need to admit they have a problem inorder to find freedom and solace.

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Training for the Run

Training has been interesting.

At first I had to deal with a couple of stubborn injuries. I can’t tell you how much I loathe tendons. I understand they serve a purpose, but when they malfunction (mostly due to user error), I want to reach in and cut them in half! The pressure and the tension they inflict in my body is a truly frustrating experience.

I have been working with a running coach for about 4+ weeks now. He has offered a few bits of insights, but there is only so much he can do till the tendons decide to start functioning correctly again.

Currently I am running 7 days a week, once a day, between the hours of 8am and 2pm. Its rough trying to get out and run in the middle of the day, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

As of today, I feel great! I have a strong heart and strong muscles. In fact, I am about 45min away from my daily run. I’m lovin’ it.

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The Movement Dallas

I was on the hunt for a place where I would be able to reap the benefits of talking to someone who knew how the human body functioned, but without help of synthetic medicines (basically anything man made). During my battle with serious depression last year, I became a firm believer that food and exercise can prevent all problems with my body.

After months of searching I was finally pointed in the direction of  The Movement Dallas. They have put “thousands of hours into creating the most holistic model to benefit everyone from the “average Joe” to the professional athlete. Their approach encompasses the six foundations of healthy living: thinking, breathing, moving, eating, drinking, and sleeping. They wholeheartedly believe that you will not only be happier and healthier, but your physical appearance will reflect your inward change.”

I have only meet with them twice, but since have become a huge fan. I highly encourage everyone to seek after the movement if you have a deep interest in your health and exercise. They will blow your mind.; when you call ask for Steven!

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Press Packets

I am desperately trying to get press packets out.

The packet is made of 6 different components. I have different people working on completing different parts of the packet. For example, someone is working on the business cards, the map, my personal story, promotional pictures, etc.

Its taking about month longer than anticipated. So far all I am waiting on to finish the packet is the business cards and the final edit of chapter 13 of my book.

All these pieces will hopefully be enough for the networks to get excited about the message I am promoting!

I’ll write back once the packets are ready to go….then we can all start praying!

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Running coach and T-shirt man!

This past weekend was mucho exciting.

Friday afternoon I met with lad they call Mike. Mike is extremely hardcore. Not only does he stand humbly with me at the feet of Jesus, he is a ridiculous runner. Currently he is in training to qualify for the 2012 Olympics.  Homeboy can run a 4 minute mile. That’s 20 seconds shy of the world record….(I think I am right about this, but not 100% sure). 

After a very encouraging chat with Mike I was pumped up again for the Awareness Run. He validated my passion for emotional health and the challenge of keeping up a 10 mile a day run.  He has completely jumpstarted my motivation again. Will will meet up this week and start working on my mechanics. I am so pumped!

I am also beginning to work ahead a little on the details for the public….T-shirts. People cannot sign-up to run with me, but they are welcome to run alongside me on one condition. They have to wear a shirt that says what you are running for. The front of the shirt will need to say “Running for Awareness” while the back of the shirt says “I struggle with (insert emotional disorder). People are more than welcome to take a sharpie to a white t-shirt and make their own or they can buy one off the website.

The plan is to get a t-shirt company  to sell shirts at a cheap price. Basically these t-shirts will be your ticket to be allowed to run alongside me.

Sunday nights meeting with Bryan of ‘Eleven 9 Clothing’ was another encouraging and motivational meet. I was able to share my faults and successes with him. At the end of the meeting he had a healthy understanding of my heart in the project and seemed more on fire about the run than me. In addition, Bryan is all about Jesus! I am loving how many people are coming into this project already a fan of the God.

All in all…a very encouraging and up-lifting weekend.


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