March Madness

Ok, so March is going to be an exciting month. Aside from the fact that I turn 28 on the 4th, lots is happening with the run.

Here is a select sampling of this months “To-Do” list
 – Make contact with Today Show, Oprah, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch& Good Day Texas
 – Make contact with managers for Matt Lauer, Matthew  McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Lisa Ling,  Shane Barnard, Jeff Johnson, Bob Harper.
– Finish editing the my book
– Be able to successfully run 5 miles a day consistantly for 4 consective days…..WITHOUT INJURY!!!!!
 This week and next I am meeting with three really exciting people. The first is a hardcore athlete, Mike (this guy is looking to qualify for the 2012 Olympics…last I heard, homeboy can run a 4min. mile), Second is a guy named Bryan. I would like to sell sa-weet tshirts on the website for those who want to run along side me in October/November. Third, I am finally getting checked out by a real sports med. doctor type person.
Lots to do and lots of fun to be had while doing it!


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