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Dates set for the Awareness Run

So, its official. The dates are here…the Awareness Run is scheduled to go down:

October 17 thru November 14

The run will begin in Dallas Texas and End on the Kemah Boardwalk in Galveston Bay.

As time approaches,  I will post the exact days and miles I will be running. I will not literally run everyday. I plan to take a couple days off of running after a few days of consecutive running.


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Why am I running across Texas?????

I want to take emotional health awareness out of the shadows and put it out in the open – for everyone to talk about.  In my life I experienced firsthand the damage that can occur when emotional disorders (depression, control, food addiction) goes ignored.  These are real issues that have the potential to grow into serious problems.  Running has been my coping skill, my solace.  This run from Dallas to Galveston Bay will be a public display of my commitment to encouraging others who are struggling to achieve freedom from emotional disorders.

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March Madness

Ok, so March is going to be an exciting month. Aside from the fact that I turn 28 on the 4th, lots is happening with the run.

Here is a select sampling of this months “To-Do” list
 – Make contact with Today Show, Oprah, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch& Good Day Texas
 – Make contact with managers for Matt Lauer, Matthew  McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Lisa Ling,  Shane Barnard, Jeff Johnson, Bob Harper.
– Finish editing the my book
– Be able to successfully run 5 miles a day consistantly for 4 consective days…..WITHOUT INJURY!!!!!
 This week and next I am meeting with three really exciting people. The first is a hardcore athlete, Mike (this guy is looking to qualify for the 2012 Olympics…last I heard, homeboy can run a 4min. mile), Second is a guy named Bryan. I would like to sell sa-weet tshirts on the website for those who want to run along side me in October/November. Third, I am finally getting checked out by a real sports med. doctor type person.
Lots to do and lots of fun to be had while doing it!

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