IPOD Playlist

A few of you have asked what I listen to when I run.

I usually stick to a playlist for a long time. Any deviation from the list only happens when I need more or less motivation to run. The playlist below has been the staple for about 3 months. I’ve added a few songs here and there, but for the most part, its the same list I started months ago. I arrange the list to fit my running pace. For example. The first few songs match my pace perfectly. The next set of songs are typically upbeat, then I switch back to those songs that match my pace. This way, if I am running outside, I don’t have to guess how fast I am going. I can gage my speed based on music.

Ciara: One, Two step

R.Kelly: Remix to ignition

Muse: Time is Running Out

Lakewood Church: Favor

Lakewood Church: We have overcome

Shane and Shane: Psalm 13

Jeff Johnson: Ruin Me

Cupid Shuffle

Janet Jackson: If

Ricky Valin: LaBamba

Janet Jackson: Black Cat

Radiohead: 15 Steps

Jeff Johnson: Jesus Is Mine

Shane and Shane: I beg

Muse: Supermassive Black Hole

Christina Augullaria: Fighter

Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison

Dream Theatre: Octavarium

Usher: In da Club

Shane and Shane: Prodigal Me

Glen Hansard: Lies

Ernie Halter: Melissa

Steven Goodman: The Hotel Room

David Wilcox: Last Chance Waltz


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