mapping the course!

Saturday afternoon i plan to drive to Houston and map out the course for the run. In order to complete the press packets, I need to have a tentative course outlined. this map will do two things….first, it will show me what counties i need to gain permission to run through and decide the best places to run (i.e freeway, service road, median, track, etc.). second, it will help me secure the dates for the run.

while driving i will be looking for a couple things. its never a good idea to run on the side of the road as it can strain parts of the body. i need to be running on ground even to both sides of my body, otherwise I will overcompensate on one side and potentially injury myself. running on even surfaces enables me to put the same pressure on both sides of my body and helps keep my endurance and energy level sustained.

if you have my number, i’d love to talk to a few of you while I am on the road saturday afternoon…give me a shout out!




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7 responses to “mapping the course!

  1. Suzanne Barker

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. me too!
    i’ve no idea what the roads will look like, but I am excited to see whats out there!
    Hopefully all goes well and next weeks entry will be full of good news.

  3. John Lehmann

    Hey Aurora — just caught wind of this run. Best wishes and prayers! — John

  4. Bruiser London

    Nice to spend part of your drive with you. Hope the museum was very educational. Anytime you need navigational prowess, Bruiser is just a phone call away!

    Have a safe trip home, Aurora-my-superlative.

  5. Adrienne Williams

    Are you going to post a map on this blog so we can see the long trek?

  6. Yes….the actual maps is still being made.

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