an inside on the website.

i have plans for several pages on the website.

– there will be a particular page on the website dedicated to a wide variety of hurts, habits and emotional medical disorders. listed on this page you will find the disorder with a definition out to the side. the purpose for the page is to bring awareness to others on the kinds of issues people deal with on a day to day basis. hopefully some will see something on the page that relates to them and realize they are not crazy, just hurting. maybe they will say to themselves, “this is a normal human reaction”, and decide to learn how to deal with thier struggle.

– a map of the run. i’d love to figure out a way to use some sort of GPS tracking device so everyone knows exactly where I am for the duration of the run. if anyone out there has ideas, holler back at me and give me the 411 🙂

– ipod playlist. next to running, music has been one of my healing “drugs”. I plan to host a new playlist everyday I run. This means that you can follow along to what I am listening to as I jog my ten miles for the day. i love knowing what others are listening too when they run, so I figured I would share mine. if any of you have a song you think i have to download and listen too while I run, please leave me a post!

if anyone has any ideas about something else I should add to the site…I am open! Please leave a post at the bottom of the page!

so motivated!



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