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IPOD Playlist

A few of you have asked what I listen to when I run.

I usually stick to a playlist for a long time. Any deviation from the list only happens when I need more or less motivation to run. The playlist below has been the staple for about 3 months. I’ve added a few songs here and there, but for the most part, its the same list I started months ago. I arrange the list to fit my running pace. For example. The first few songs match my pace perfectly. The next set of songs are typically upbeat, then I switch back to those songs that match my pace. This way, if I am running outside, I don’t have to guess how fast I am going. I can gage my speed based on music.

Ciara: One, Two step

R.Kelly: Remix to ignition

Muse: Time is Running Out

Lakewood Church: Favor

Lakewood Church: We have overcome

Shane and Shane: Psalm 13

Jeff Johnson: Ruin Me

Cupid Shuffle

Janet Jackson: If

Ricky Valin: LaBamba

Janet Jackson: Black Cat

Radiohead: 15 Steps

Jeff Johnson: Jesus Is Mine

Shane and Shane: I beg

Muse: Supermassive Black Hole

Christina Augullaria: Fighter

Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison

Dream Theatre: Octavarium

Usher: In da Club

Shane and Shane: Prodigal Me

Glen Hansard: Lies

Ernie Halter: Melissa

Steven Goodman: The Hotel Room

David Wilcox: Last Chance Waltz


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The answer is: 662,500


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training schedule

Several of you have asked what I am doing to train for the awareness run.

My long distance mileage is (as of 12.8.08) 11 miles.

  • I run every day.
  • I run 2 or 3 miles four days a week.
  • One day a week I run 4 or 5 miles.
  • Two days a week I run a slow 15min. mile.

On the 3rd or 4th week of training, I usually decrese everything by 75% and return to normal the week after.           Monday and Wednesday are reserved for strength training.

Since my injury, this scheduled has been moved around a little. There are also some days I don’t get the run in or workout due to poor time management, over commitments or simply…lack of time. I have been really good about being diligent and making this my priority, but sometimes, I have to sacrifice training for sleeping, working or sadly (my guilty pleasure)……reading. I admit it. There were a couple days last month I read a book instead of doing a simple 30min run.

So, truth be told, I am typically good about keeping with the training schedule. However, sometimes days are skipped or mileage decreased. All in all…I am learning to allow myself the opportunity not to be perfect and make judgment calls based on how my body feels. I am learning to do this without resentment or guilt. Its tough, but a great lesson. Being hard on myself is no way to win emotionally. It definitely does not bring freedom any closer.

Good times,


ps. this training schedule changes monthly

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mapping the course!

Saturday afternoon i plan to drive to Houston and map out the course for the run. In order to complete the press packets, I need to have a tentative course outlined. this map will do two things….first, it will show me what counties i need to gain permission to run through and decide the best places to run (i.e freeway, service road, median, track, etc.). second, it will help me secure the dates for the run.

while driving i will be looking for a couple things. its never a good idea to run on the side of the road as it can strain parts of the body. i need to be running on ground even to both sides of my body, otherwise I will overcompensate on one side and potentially injury myself. running on even surfaces enables me to put the same pressure on both sides of my body and helps keep my endurance and energy level sustained.

if you have my number, i’d love to talk to a few of you while I am on the road saturday afternoon…give me a shout out!



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an inside on the website.

i have plans for several pages on the website.

– there will be a particular page on the website dedicated to a wide variety of hurts, habits and emotional medical disorders. listed on this page you will find the disorder with a definition out to the side. the purpose for the page is to bring awareness to others on the kinds of issues people deal with on a day to day basis. hopefully some will see something on the page that relates to them and realize they are not crazy, just hurting. maybe they will say to themselves, “this is a normal human reaction”, and decide to learn how to deal with thier struggle.

– a map of the run. i’d love to figure out a way to use some sort of GPS tracking device so everyone knows exactly where I am for the duration of the run. if anyone out there has ideas, holler back at me and give me the 411 🙂

– ipod playlist. next to running, music has been one of my healing “drugs”. I plan to host a new playlist everyday I run. This means that you can follow along to what I am listening to as I jog my ten miles for the day. i love knowing what others are listening too when they run, so I figured I would share mine. if any of you have a song you think i have to download and listen too while I run, please leave me a post!

if anyone has any ideas about something else I should add to the site…I am open! Please leave a post at the bottom of the page!

so motivated!


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