The letter is in the mail

If you are reading this, it means you received your letter about my crazy run across Texas. I am dying to answer all your questions about the run and soak up any advice you have for me.

Here is a copy of the letter you all have received:

running for awareness

A small beam of light peaked through the blinds, creating a cascade of shadows across the ceiling. The tree branches on the other side of the window moved through the light, offering the suggestion of a moonlit dance. I admit the ambiance was lovely, — hypnotic even! But, no matter how lovely the scene, no matter how delicate the dance of light, this was not something to which I wanted to be privy at 1:30 a.m.! Without an ounce of hope that I would regain that sweet slumber which we all crave during the wee hours of the night, I got out of bed and began to pound out my thoughts on the keyboard.

It wasn’t the light that woke me, but rather it was a provoking thought keeping me from getting some much needed shut-eye. I had experienced a breakthrough in my recovery and reconciliation! Preceding the days of my restless night, I had figured out, finally, the precise moment that changed my thoughts from rational to irrational. This singular moment and was the basis of the spider-web like effect of poor thoughts and choices that I had made throughout the course of my adult life. With this new found recollection, I was able to retrace habits and destructive thoughts from that one specific instant in my childhood all the way up to today.

By the time I had my thoughts assembled on the screen, I realized I had written two full chapters of a book and had outlined several of the remaining chapters. For the first time in my life I was being honest with myself and was willing share this revelation with friends and family (and who ever picks up the book). A long forgotten and otherwise benign event in my childhood, which what I had unconsciously worked so hard to hide about myself, had escalated into something unmanageable and overwhelming in my adult life.

So often we ignore what we might consider to be small problems, telling each other things like “It’s just a phase.” Sometimes these over looked small problems, (co-dependency, control issues, body image issues, etc.) have the potential of leading a person to ruin his or her life. Not all addictions deal with alcohol or drugs – and these other addictions, that get less publicity, are just as challenging.

I want to do something that will cause awareness and motivate people to stop ignoring what they might consider to be a small problems and start acknowledging their potential damaging effects. I thought about going on Oprah, but that’s not likely to happen. I thought about pulling a Forest Gump and running across America, but that was ridiculous. So instead I thought I should just run across Texas ’cause that’s a lot like America! So, I decided to do just that! I am planning to run from Dallas to Galveston Bay to promote awareness for emotional wellness.

The Run will cover over 200 miles in 4 weeks. I plan to run approximately 10 miles a day from downtown Dallas to the boardwalk at Kemah, Texas. I am working on locking down specific dates right now, but you should know that the awareness run is anticipated to take place in the Fall of 2009.

The goal is to create a fully fleshed out media event, and to that end I’ve even hired a press secretary and am in the process of procuring corporate sponsors. I hope to establish a relationship with those who will follow the awareness run and have the event be interactive through various forms of media including an interactive blog and having play-lists from my iPod hosted on-line each day; that and prayer, lots of prayer.

This letter does not begin to tell you about all the fun details and daily success I am having. Until I have enough corporate sponsorship to get the website up and running, please check out my blog at for weekly, and sometimes daily updates, successes, requests and stories.

I cannot begin to describe how blessed I am to have you in my life and I sincerely hope that you will share in this process with me over the next few months. I need your heart, I need your emotional support, I need your accountability, I need your encouragement and more than anything else, I need community with you.

This letter is going out to 300 hundred people across the world – from California to Michigan, Texas to Japan and all of those in-between.

There is always a chance this run will not happen, but I am committed to making sure I don’t quit on the event and that if it fails – it is does so for other reasons. With so many people aware of my desire for this run, it is my sincere hope that your prayers and encouragement will keep me on the right path and stir daily motivation.

Please log on to the blog and leave lots of comments. I promise to respond to everyone!





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4 responses to “The letter is in the mail

  1. Thanks for the letter. I’m already inspired and looking forward to how this will develop!

  2. Thanks Jimmy….
    I really appreciate your words…
    Just so you know, I am really gonig to make a point to take a trip to Shanghai in 2009. Fingers crossed and lots of prayer..hopefully I can make it!

  3. Hey, don’t forget Sudan! 🙂 Following this journey intensely!

  4. i can’t forget suden…each time I hear about what is happening in the congo, i think about the three of you over there! thanks for thinking about me.

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